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Pocket Bristle Hairbrush
The Pocket hairbrush is the smallest in our range of adult hairbrushes and is ideal for when you’re on the go. It’s available in Boar Bristle. Collection: Pocket Hairbrushes
AED 245
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Handy Bristle Hairbrush
The Handy hairbrush is one of the smaller hairbrushes in our range. Available in Boar Bristle. Collection: Handy Hairbrushes 6 rings of stiff Boar Bristle Tufts
AED 495
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Regular Pocket Extra Pure Bristle Hairbrush
These Regular Pocket Extra Pure Bristle Hairbrush from Mason pearson handles are deliberately molded and crafted up by hand for wonderful comfort. The thickness of the fibers permits conditioning sebum and uniformly circulated from the roots to the finishes of...
AED 505
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Regular Child Pure Bristle Hairbrush
These children's-sized Pure Bristle Hairbrush from Mason Pearson standard brushing has a significant impact in the state of your hair. The Mason Pearson hairbrush cleans the hair, invigorates the scalp expanding blood stream to the roots. Product details Pure bristle...
AED 275

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